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During the delicious Tai, Korean and Vietnamese Cooking workshop we learned some secret tips and tricks from the master chef as well as experimented with new cooking techniques. A fun way to eat in a relaxed setting and taste your colleagues creations!

Thai Gren Curry with Tofu

This dish was very easy to make. If you are not careful, or if you don't like hot peppers, then this dish might just be too hot.

We used tofu (as vegetarian replacement for meat) but you can make it with chicken, veggie chicken or pork. Serve tofu over the rice...

Izda: Thai Green Curry (Tofu with coconut oil, ginger, baby basil, 17 red and green peppers. Hot peppers! )

We believe spending time outside the regular work environment is key to improving our relationships not only with our colleagues but with our clients.

      Some benefits to this type of event:
  • Loyalty to our customers and employees
  • Unforgettable experiences
  • Building long-term relationships with our customers
  • New business development

This activity is jointly hosted by RA eClinica and RA Foundation, which provides support services to the community. For more information about non-profit events organized by this organization, click here!

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