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Our consultants are recognized for their experience, capabilities and knowledge. RA eClinical Solutions dedicates a Professional Project Team to your project to assure its success. Our team provides expertise in eClinical and eCDMS study design and implementation.

Our primary goal is to work in collaboration with our clients to provide systems and services that meet their business needs, while ensuring complete compliance with all applicable U.S. and International regulations and guidelines.

RA eClinical Technology Consultants

We provide expert-level services in the following areas:

  • Data Management including CRF Design and Protocol Review
  • Data Cleaning activities including report creation and SAS Listings (SAS®, Cognos and IReview/Patient Profiles)
  • Database Design and Development (OC RDC, OpenClinica, Rave, Medrio and InForm)
  • The Electronic Clinical Study Project Management Life Cycle (ePMC™) provided by our eClinical Team is a validated process covering every aspects of the project management life cycle. The process manages the various stages of the study, including: Project Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor / Control, and Closeout.

RA eClinica is a established consultancy company for all essential aspects of statistics, clinical data management and EDC solutions. Our services are targeted to clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector, health insurers and medical devices.

The company is headquarter in Panama City and representation offices with business partners in the United States, India and the European Union. For discussion about our services and how you can benefit from our SMEs and cost-effective implementation CDISC SDTM clinical data click here.