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Managing Director / Lead Developer / Project Manager

Anayansi is an EDC Developer Consultant and clinical programmer for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry with more than 14 years of experience.

Technical Support Leader

I love training others. Expert in IT support.

Technical Recruiter

Technical Recruiter / Project leader.

Designer & SEO

Loves pushing boundaries to create a better outcome.

Intern - Designer & Web Developer

Me enfoco en conocer a crear interfaces de usuarios amigables.

Managing Director / Biometrics & SAS Programming Manager

SAS programming experience in CRO/Pharmaceutical industry for over 14 years

SAS Programmer

I am a Certified Base and Advanced SAS Programmer

Managing Director / Data Management Lead

Over 17 years of Data Management experience

Legal Department

Encargado de revisar, preparar y firmar contratos

Account Managers

We are seeking to hire account managers.

Software Developers

We are seeking to hire software developers (paid and interns)

Managing Directors

We are seeking managing directors

Lead Dog

I am a west westie. My owner is Anayansi.

Lazy Dog

I am a west westie. My owner is Anayansi.

Data Integration Manager

Glen has several years of extensive experience in the Computer industry.


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